How to choose a TV stand

TV stand buying tips

TV stands are ideal for lifting your TV off the floor, providing a better viewing angle, and providing plenty of storage space. Before you go shopping for a TV stand, learn everything you can about them so you can make an enlightened purchase. We have gathered a few tips that you could consider when selecting your TV stand so read on!


Entertainment centers, corner TV stands, and TV hutches are all popular forms of TV stands. Other goods such as cable boxes, video game consoles, and Blu-ray players can be stored in entertainment centers. Any cables from gadgets in the entertainment center may be effortlessly connected to the Television thanks to the design. Corner TV stands are smaller and have a triangle edge to allow them to fit into a room’s corner. The TV is housed in a TV hutch, making it less of a focal point in the room.


Given the prevalence of wooden TV stands, it’s no wonder that brown is one of the most popular colors. Brown colors work well in a range of color schemes and styles, so it’s a great choice. Black is also a good option, especially if you want to go for a contemporary look. While brown and black are the safest colors (especially if you want to change your décor frequently), depending on the color scheme in your living room, more distinctive hues can also work. Check out Tylko for more beautiful TV stands


If you don’t know the exact dimensions of your TV, get out the tape measure and measure diagonally across the screen. Keep in mind that, while television screens are measured diagonally, television stands are measured in width. If you have a TV stand and a TV that are both the same size, the TV stand will be wider. The TV stand should be at least as broad as your television, though you can go for a much larger TV stand and then center the television, leaving space on the sides for other items. There are short, standard-height, and tall TV stands to select from, so pick one that matches the height of your sitting and the viewing angle you prefer.

More tips to consider

  • The ideal distance of the TV stand and the sitting arrangement
  • Select a TV stand based on the space of your house
  • You can use decorative pieces to decorate your TV stand.