Mid-century modern style in interior design

Even though you are not an interior design enthusiast, chances are you have heard about the Mid-century modern style or you might have been in a room that has this design featured at one point of your life. This covetable style is known for its timelessness and never ending beauty. To help you better understand this design’s popularity, keep reading!


Meaning of Mid-century modern style

The term Mid-century modern style was coined in the mid 80s but nobody knows its true timeline. This style is a combination of post World War II styles ranging from the 50s era optimism, 60s era earthiness and the tones of the 70s era. The textures used in this type of design are inspired by the simplicity of the Scandinavian culture. This design oozes fresh vibes, a totally alluring aesthetic, its dedication to practicality, comfort that comes along with beautiful design that never goes out of style.


Why you should consider Mid-century modern interiors

  • The era allows for more flexibility as compared to minimalist or traditional interior design
  • This design boasts of charming décor that is easy to source, practical and durable.
  • It is an ideal design for those who are looking to add a little bit of a vintage touch to their spaces.
  • It is a fun and great way to bring even the dullest of spaces to life.


How to create a Mid-century modern style

Since this design has its roots in architecture, there are a few details that you may want to incorporate into your spaces in order to achieve this style effortlessly. First, you need to keep everything structured and practical. Make sure to also select items that are durable and will flourish even during tough times. Ensure that you take advantage of the natural elements in a room, from exposed beams, brick walls and wood panels. Don’t shy away from art pieces that have bold prints and patterns that are free of any cultural influences. In addition to that, avoid going overboard with the items that you pick for your spaces in order to avoid cluttering. To get inspired more, head over to (https://journal.tylko.com/mid-century-modern-style-a-timeless-classic-2/)


Mid-century modern style furniture

This style is known not to be too fussy. It is more of a formal, simple and practical design that boasts of clean lines and opulent silhouettes. When selecting furniture materials, you need to consider plastic, acrylic as well as Formica. You can also consider pieces that have matte finishes and coffee tables with plain surfaces to achieve this design.