Incorporating.. Indonesia's International Broadcast and Digital Media Technologies Exhibition

For those who thrive on the business of entertainment, leisure, & hospitality technologies. Showcase your products and innovations to your targeted audience … the key platform where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace. Reach out to thousands of attendees all under one roof!

our Gateway to the growing Indonesia market of over 267 million population. Indonesia is the eighth-largest Asian country by area (1,472,639 km²) with a GDP of USD 932.3 billion (2016)

Indonesian Economy Grows the most in 4 years…

The Indonesian economy expanded by 5.19 percent year-on-year in the fourth quarter of 2017, following a 5.06 percent growth in the previous period and beating market expectations of 5.12 percent. It was the strongest pace of expansion since the fourth quarter of 2013, mainly driven by fixed investment and private consumption.

Indonesia is the largest economy in South East Asia. Industry accounts for the largest share of GDP (46.5 percent of total GDP). Within industry, the most important is manufacturing, which has been one of the main growth engines (24 percent of total output). Mining and quarrying accounts for 12 percent, construction for 10 percent and electricity, gas and water supply for 0.75 percent. Services constitute 38 percent of total GDP. Within services, the most important are: trade, hotel and restaurants (around 14 percent of GDP); transport and communication (7 percent of GDP); finance, real estate and business services (7 percent of GDP) and government services (6 percent). Agriculture accounts for the remaining 15 percent.

The music & entertainment industry is evolving with use of more sophisticated equipment and technology surrounding the live events/entertainment, broadcast, music and leisure industry. 

The emergence of technology-led media organizations has had a profound impact on the industry, prompting traditional broadcasters to quickly develop OTT (over the top services) to support on-demand services and improve customer experience. The result has been the creation of a “technology media sector” where technology as much as content is a competitive advantage.

If you want to reach out to the massive Indonesian market, expand your business and market share in the Professional AVL, Broadcast and Music industry, this is the must-attend Event to penetrate the entertainment, leisure and media market in Indonesia!

Tap on the massive business opportunities in Indonesia.  Infrastructure and urban development are sprouting all over Indonesia. Indonesia is accelerating its Industrialization & urbanization offering unlimited new market and business opportunities with heavy investment from the government and the industry with a population of over 267 million.


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